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Advisory Services and Bespoke Programs.

Customised Learning

We customize development courses and certificates that empower your team, faculty, executive management team, and others in various sectors.

Our globally experienced mentors facilitate high-impact courses for organisations and governments worldwide.

Here are some of our Top-Selling Courses:

This course contributes to the development of leaders by tapping into their passions, personalities, and creativity to design effective organizational change systems with psychologically safe work cultures and emotionally intelligent leadership. As a leader, understanding and managing resistance is key to successfully implementing new initiatives. Leading and Embracing Organizational Innovation and Change explores how to replace ‘fear and resistance’ with ‘confidence and collaboration’ to enhance productivity, satisfaction and profitability.

This practical course builds a skillset for executive leadership and decision-making by exploring the power of psychologically safe environments and their impact on sharing sensitive and asymmetric information and decision making for executive teams. An immersive leadership & team simulation (climbing Mt. Everest) and the practical application (opening a Palace Hotel in Paris) will engage participants in the learning. This course explores how emotional Intelligence serves as a base for executive leadership teams to build open and safe relationships for greater performance.

This course explores why ultra-personalized services are the key to customer engagement, and customer value creation is the most important and crucial part of every business. For customers, value is the perceived benefits of the products or services received. For companies, the value is customer satisfaction, which results in the added profit margins, loyalty, retention, and gains in market share. You will learn how the most successful companies in the world found their elements of differentiation and the key to sustainable business success.

This course defines quality from a business perspective and covers major quality frameworks, tools, and strategies that you can leverage to more effectively manage quality in your company. This course provides tools to guarantee quality in your business by mapping and improving operational processes to be aligned with the guest experience. This course provides tools to improve the three most critical aspects of your business process: time, quality, and cost. We will explore how to identify and measure mistakes, re-work, breakdowns, bottlenecks, constraints, and variations in a process to save costs, increase revenues, and make significant value-added improvements.

This course explores how to utilize coach centric behaviors, values alignment and driving the internal brand/employee experience by mapping the guest experience to the employee experience for higher profit margins and customer loyalty. This course explores how to develop strategies to maximize employee engagement and drive behavior with cutting-edge people programs and culture initiatives.

This course explores how to develop strategies to maximize employee engagement and drive behavior. The global talent war, particularly focused on hospitality, tourism and entertainment professionals, provides us with an opportunity to radically shift our methodology and commitment to ensure the people strategy leads the business strategy how we approach our people strategy. This course explores how to build strategies and systems for attracting, selecting, developing and retaining top performing people.

This course explores how to accept and engage people of different races, ethnicities, genders, generations, religions, disabilities, and sexual orientations in the workplace for greater performance and innovation. You will learn how to manage Generation Z (people who are born after the year of 1995) as they start to enter the work force. Can we understand their psychology, behavior, and hobbies, in order to have empathy and form a bond for them to engage, relate, and commit to the workplace culture and help drive innovation and teamwork.

This introductory course explores key concepts and strategies, and develops practical skills necessary for managing, owning, and operating a successful restaurant, bar, or other food and beverage business. You will gain insight into the history, evolution, and complexity of the F&B industry, learn the relationships between good service and profit, and grasp the main tasks, duties and responsibilities of successful managers. You will develop confidence in your abilities to manage your business with innovative concept designs to drive revenue and profit.

This course will explore emotional marketing, how to persuade customers through emotional marketing and experiences. The course will cover a practical methodology to analyze the customer experience and impact it with specific marketing experiences during the different stages of the customer journey. Additionally, the most effective emotional communication techniques will be explained. This course was developed in collaboration with EMOTUR, an Emotions and Tourism software development project designed by 12 universities and the Official College of Psychology in Spain to read and recognize micro facial gestures and align them with the latest marketing trends.

This highly interactive workshop explores the art and science of luxury hospitality and retail management and develops the practical skills to build client relationships by living and breathing luxury and increasing the required emotional intelligence. Participants will learn how to high-performance relationship-builders by improving their emotional intelligence skills.

Consulting & Advisory Services

We offer our expertise on resource optimization and organizational performance management. We are available to come and speak as conference keynote speakers. Here are some examples of our consulting services.

Case Studies

We worked with a large luxury hotel in the Caribbean to raise the emotional intelligence of the leadership team and manage competencies to reduce employee turnover. Employee satisfaction increased without raising salaries. The hotel lost only a few employees to competitors, half of whom returned.

Over a period of many years, we developed a partnership with a large Theme Park & Resort company in the United States. This partnership began with consulting on quality operations management and strategic alignment of their learning and development initiatives, and grew into leadership development programs and resort ecosystem management.

Cartagena’s Convention & Visitors Bureau requested SEG Pro’s expertise to advise on destination positioning strategy to enable them to compete with the most successful destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Our project management team designed this project (from initial conceptualisation, licensing, and planning through to construction, sales and financing) with the endorsement of leading hotel brands, offering internships, scholarships and full-time positions to graduates from the Caribbean and Latin America. We advised on the recruitment of Academic and Operations teams with the necessary skills and international experience.

A major global travel and hospitality group from China engaged us to train their leaders from 20 hotels, with participants including VPs, GMs, and Department Heads in Sales & Marketing, Rooms Division, Food & Beverage, HR, Finance, and Wellness Operations, as well as their Airlines and Travel Agencies’ executive team. We focused on mastering hospitality and tourism management, from leadership through to operations, consumer behaviour and value creation, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, and competitiveness through innovation.

We have been working with an all-inclusive resort company in the Mediterranean to improve their operations by developing their leadership and decision-making acumen and providing the tools to redesign their operational processes. The results have been significant, resulting in a better positioning of the brand within the luxury all-inclusive market.

SEG Pro partnered with a small collection of luxury hotels in Europe and Northern Africa to develop their leaders and General Managers of the future. Over a period of four years, we focused on: developing their EQ Leadership skills and critical analysis skills for balancing business priorities; creating people strategies to align with corporate strategy; managing risk and uncertainty; developing operational strategies aligned with business goals; and designing and blueprinting the service experience for their discerning guests. Both the individuals and the companies benefited from the enhanced collaboration across departments and properties, as well as an increase in creativity and innovation and stronger emotional and social intelligence.

SEG Pro offered research guidance and consumer behaviour analysis to hotel managers from the Hotel Association of Colombia. We developed numerous new revenue streams in their properties based on market analysis, differentiation, developing unique selling points that are adjusted to their different segments, exceeding customer needs and expectations, and using innovation as the key to their competitiveness.

Our team worked with the government of the Canary Islands to move away from the ‘sun, sea and beach’ tourism and reach out to new markets. We refocused the marketing strategy on Micro segmentation to include activities away from the beach. In 2017, the Canary Islands received a record 15.9 Million visitors, vs. 13 Million in 2015 and 10.5 Million in 2010.

The new destination marketing strategy was awarded “Gold Best Digital Campaign of the year for Most Innovative Marketing Strategy and Long Term Effectiveness in a Digital Campaign for Tourism Destination Branding” by the 2017 World Travel Market in London and the 2018 ITTA EURO EFFIE Awards.